Sunday, June 11, 2017

Shutting Down and Catching Up !

Galilee was in her footy pajamas, I was wearing sweat pants (something I haven't done since being pregnant) and ABBA was playing as I stood in the grocery store aisle looking for peanut butter. Leaving the apartment at 10 am in our pajamas didn't seem like a bad idea until I was actually at the store. Then I prayed I wouldn't run into anyone.

I've had a lot of sewing to do. I'm so grateful to pay the bills doing something I love. It does seem that there is a point where something you love can turn into something to fear. Too much of a good thing at once? Seems a trend with my business. It's weird. One day I'm hoping to hear that wonderful cha ching sound my etsy app makes and then another day I'm completely overwhelmed with work.

So if you follow me on IG you know how cute my child is but you didn't know she was kicking her legs to the beat of the music in her pjs at the walmart cause mama is too fried to care. You see the pretty dresses but not me waking her up from a nap to load her in the car to make it to the post office because someone is asking where their order is. I've brainstormed about my organization. What could I do differently or better? The problem is I'm always behind.

I hate the turn around time that accompanies my work. As a fellow consumer, I don't know if I'd want to wait that long. Even if the dress is handmade, unique, amazing, affordable, made with love by someone who cares (I'm being a goon now). I get stressed out for you and me.

As of this afternoon I'm putting the ol' etsy shop on vacation mode. Isn't that a cute term, btw. It sounds like I'm doing something... different. While in this mode I'll still receive convos and I'll be filling current orders. I have begun a ready made collection and I will talk more about that in the future as I look to move in that direction. It will probably mean I wont be offering customization but it will also mean a dress will ship within 48 hours. Cool, right?

Tomorrow is Monday! I'll start cracking bright and early as usual and you know what? I do look forward to it. Here's hoping everything will work out better than okay. <3

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  1. You are both beautiful. Fun to see how big Galilee is becoming.